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Top Tips for traveling to the UK for Olympics. Aug 12

Although the 2012 Olympics are almost a year away but the countdown has begun and if you are one of the “Chosen ones “ who got the ticket to see any of the events at the Olympics ,my suggestion will be to book your air tickets and accommodation at your earliest convenience, and the reason for that I will explain in the next paragraph.
It is one of the basic principles of yield management that the price of a perishable commodity is inversely proportional to the number of the commodity( in this case hotel rooms and seats on the planes).In simple words it means the lesser the number of the items to be sold the higher the price is going to be.
Aforementioned is the reason that the prices of the hotel rooms and air tickets are so high at the last minute(excluding the last minute deals different agents sell to clear their inventories and it is always a risk that in an event of this scale the agents will not have much to clear) .
Now that we know that it is always better to plan your trip in advance ,I would like to share a few tips with all my readers in order to make your journey to London more stress free and enjoyable .
1)Try to book your accommodation and flights togher which most of the time works out cheaper.
2)Spend some time on internet to find out about the different activities of your choice which you can pack in your schedule whilst in London for Olympics.
3). Figure out your travel needs around London and arrange a prepaid pass which is valid for the entire length of your stay and unless you just want to go the Olympics from your hotel and come back (which I think is not a good idea whilst in London)get an oyster card which will allow you to make unlimited journeys around London and will work out a lot cheaper than the Pay as you go option.
4)Inorder to make your travel arrangements in London more cost effective ,It will be good to start your travel card at the airport or the train station and include the day of return .
5)As all frequent travellers know and I can’t stress enough the need of travelling light(and it applies to all journeys including the one we are talking about in this article.
6)If you are travelling from a country where you need a visa to travel to the UK then make sure that you leave ample time to apply for the visa arrangements.
7)Last but not least ,make sure to spend time on the internet(websites like www.tfl.gov.uk are a great help) to get an estimated time for your travel within London and arrange your London attractions’ tickets according to that( It is always better to budget extra time while making travel arrangements in London espcielly if you intend you use bus as a means for travelling.
Hope this article will help make your journey to London smoother and like always you can e-mail me any questions and comments about the article and the services
comparethetravel.com aspires to provide.

Happy Traveling
Imran Naeem

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