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Why Internet Bingo Is Not Rigged Dec 03

There are rumours going around that internet bingo is somehow rigged, and when a lot of players lose, they tend to have thoughts like this. It is normal to automatically think that you are being cheated when you lose money after gambling it, it is just the same with online bingo.

What I am going to do today is talk about why it is not rigged. After you have finished reading this article, I think that you will agree with my opinion that is not rigged and you can enjoy the game going forward knowing this.

First of all, online bingo sites don’t need to be rigged because they make money regardless of who wins a game. If you imagine a big pot, then imagine that every players game money goes into this pot.

Then when someone wins their prize money is taken out of the pot and the bingo site keeps their commission on each game. The bingo site literally is not bothered at all who wins, they will always get their money regardless of what happens.

With this in mind you will see that they just don’t need to rig their games. What you need to remember when you play bingo is that you’re playing against a lot of other people and the odds aren’t really in your favour.

Lets look at an example, say you were playing against 30 players in a game and they had 30 bingo cards each, this would make the total bingo cards that you would be up against a massive 900. When you’re against numbers like that you’re going to be losing a lot more than you win.

I can only advise you to look at online bingo as some entertainment with the chance of winning a bit of money, which is exactly what it is. You will not be happy if you use it to make a lot of money.

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