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Royal Wedding;Are you ready for a fairy tale romance? Apr 26

Where would have you been opted to be born if you were asked your opinion,in Buckingham palace if you were a boy or in Berkshire to Middletons if you were a girl , or if you are just coming to London from abroad to make sure that this fairy tale romance comes to its natural ending. i.e. They lived happily after, make sure you have it all arranged .e.g. ,Flight, hotel booked,travel around London organized and from my first hand experience I can say, that if you don’t live in London make sure you have thought it through thoroughly. As finding reasonably priced accommodation in London is a daunting task in itself let alone on a once in a generation event day.

Here are a few tips you should pack with your luggage while travelling to London.

• Heathrow airport handles the biggest number or visitors on the planet and make sure you are well aware of the terminal your flight is arriving at ,as only knowing that you are coming to Heathrow will not be enough .Visit www.heathrowaiport.com to find out your terminal and arrange your journey from your terminal at heathrow to your hotel.
• Underground is the quickest way of moving around London so if you have not added taxi fare in your budget go to www.tfl.gov.uk and find out your way to your hotel.
• If you want to kill two birds with one stone and want to visit other sites as well ask your hotel concierge for the fast track tickets as it will save you a lot of time and energy to visit more places.
• Whilst packing your luggage make sure that you pack what you can carry as some of the London tube stations like Bayswater don’t have lifts. Again a quick visit to www.tfl.gov.uk can help and lot.
• Some websites like www.visitbritain.com and www.visitlondon.com can also help alongside with www.comparethetravel.com know b4 you go ‘ section.
I wish you a safe journey and a happy Royal Wedding trip to London .

See you at the Wedding !
Happy Travelling
Imran Naeem

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