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Visiting the Republic of Armenia Feb 20

Recently I have been looking at travelling to the Republic of Armenia and would like to share what I found on the topic .Armenia is a country located in South Caucasus region, between Eastern and Western Asia. This is a very mountainous country with an average height surrounding the 1,800 meters, including Mount Ararat, the highest mountain of the country which has become a national symbol due to the conflicts with Turkey for its control.
The country has deep valleys and canyons where you can find rapid rivers, in addition to forests and volcanic plateau area which allows an easy spring and summer exploration and a privileged place to enjoy the Armenia’s continental climate.
Some archaeologists believe the territory occupied by this country is the cradle of human civilization. Beyond this hypothesis there is a fact which is that Armenia has an important cultural relic inherited from the oldest civilizations in the world, part of their history and identity. Armenia for example, was the first nation to adopt Christianity as official religion.
Whilst in Armenia, you can visit museums with items dating from the communist regime (the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia) to Crimean peninsula remains and relics of the Byzantine Empire.
There is also a strong influence of the Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS) (successor of the USRR), such as wooden carved nesting dolls and plenty of vodka and caviar anywhere.
When you are in Yerevan -capital of the country- visit the Ancient Manuscripts Library, market and main square, ruins of the Roman fortress, a sixteenth-century Turkish fort, the mosque from XVIII century, Museum of Fine Arts, the Matenadaran library , Tamarijan palace of Grigorjan of Sarapjan, Spendios theater and Victoria Garden. In the ancient city of Echmiadzin, Christian religious center of Armenia, you can visit the old cathedral dating from 301 AD.
Well since I decided to visit Armenia I cant stop dreaming about fresh winds coming right from Ararat and tasty Armenian fruits ……..Let me know how did it go if you go before me ,or we might end up chatting in a hotels bar in Armeina in near future.

Happy Traveling