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Its Gold on the streets for London Sep 21



Do you believe in ‘Good Luck’, ‘Hard Work’ or the ‘Edge’. Well I believe in all of them because I have seen them all work in London for team GB , both in Olympics and Paralympics. Although I fell in love with London after first six months of my stay in the UK. But the atmosphere and buzz I felt during the games made me proud of my choice of making London my home.
All cosmopolitan cities come with a default set of difficulties like traffic chaos, gangs,low life standard, and many more and London by no means is an exception, but the ambiance I found in city was a one in a life time experience. Even the London Underground staff were nice and helpful and did not have the MIND THE GAP sign on their foreheads when interrupted between their long winded not ending chats…I think Boris Johnson had put a spell on them.By the way for those who don’t know who Boris is, Google Mayor of London and you will find out all about him, probably more than you bargained for. And listen……If you have already pressed the Google search tab… Don’t judge him by the way he looks . He doesn’t only look funny he actually is funny and knows the art of creating fun out of the difficult situations.(Gosh I sound like I am his PR officer.)I think he has done a great job by conducting Olympics and Paralympics highly successfully .( I am leaving the discussion to the experts and historians whether London managed to surpass Beijing or not.
What I actually was talking to you was the presence of the feel good factor .This feel good factor not only helped team GB athelets win so many gold medals that they themselves were shocked alongside with the billions of viewers who were watching them perform live. The feel good factor actually was costly for some
people as well. These are the people who…….
To be contd.

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